Monday, August 06, 2007

Things in the news

Things I would blog about if I weren't so tired and if I didn't have so much stuff to do:

  1. The story about the robber who broke into a party, had a glass of wine, and then changed his mind.

  2. This sad map of Disappearing D.C. landmarks.

  3. This even weirder map showing how D.C. landmarks make a pentagram.

  4. How fucked up it is to have seventeen kids in today's day and age.

  5. The awesome article in The Post about reinventing your life, and why it's important to continually reevaluate life decisions.

  6. And why, surprisingly, I'm finding myself agreeing with some -- not all -- of the contentions attributed to this book.

Tomorrow's post will likely feature a lengthy discussion about the Virgin Festival. In the meantime, does anyone have any comments about any of the above?


Justin S. said...

2. It's sad to see old things disappear sometimes, but I'm personally not all that sentimental and favor progress. The two things on the map I really miss are Visions and Queen Bee.

3. Dan Brown's next book is rumored to take place in DC and discuss the Pentagram and it's ties to the Freemasons, as well as other DC architecture such as the Washington Monument, Capitol, the Mormon Temple, The Masonic Church in Alexandria, etc. Of course the book has supposedly been in development ever since The Da Vinci Code, so who knows if it's actually going to happen or not.

dara said...

Justin: Where did #1 go?

#2. I favor progress too, but not in the name of sacrificing things that give a town its particular character. Not all of those things qualify, of course, but some do.

#3. Even though I don't think Dan Brown is a great writer in the technical sense, I always find his books captivating. I'm sure when he's finished with his plagiarism lawsuits and movie deals and gets around to writing this one it'll be interesting. (Although, in some respects, what you're describing sounds like the plot of National Treasure.)

CBK said...

That robbery story is just CRAZY!

And what the fuck is up with that Arkansas family?!?! MORE?!?!

Funny that they have a pic of the Roy Rogers (I assume it's the one that used to be on Wisconsin.) I had many late-night, drunken meals there. Yum!

dara said...

The robbery story is crazy. But what I take away from it -- I think -- is a perspective on how the criminal psyche requires a dehumaniziation of the victims.

I can't imagine what having 17 kids would do to someone's body.

I have no idea which Roy Rogers it is. I haven't seen one here since my 8th grade trip.

Justin S. said...

I was commenting on your 2. and 3., not numbering my own points. That's all I have.

dara said...

Oh, I get it now. It's funny how I didn't automaticallly think of them as numbered points. I didn't originally intend to number them, but I typed ol instead of ul while formatting, and was too lazy to go back and change when I finally noticed.

Anonymous said...
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