Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On further reflection

I finally watched the last episode of The Two Coreys. It was anticlimactic. They fight, Haim leaves, and Feldman and his wife breathe a sigh of relief. All is right with the world, blah blah blah. Especially since both Coreys really are making a sequel to The Lost Boys.

I've been an apologist for this stupid reality show. Admittedly, I enjoyed it. I love the idea of two former child stars -- both of whom have survived substance abuse and are now trying to resurrect their careers -- living together in a house. Especially since they're both complete disasters: Haim is messy, disorganized human chaos with no guidelines, no respect, and no clue -- but Feldman is an overly meek and mild mannered vegetarian, somewhat delusional as to the current state of his career, and incessantly and increasingly bossed around by his wife. It's The Odd Couple meets The Real World meets schadenfreude.

. . . Only Feldman already did that on The Surreal Life. And no matter how needy he is, as a 35 year old, Haim probably shouldn't have been staying indefinitely in his best friend's house in the first place. But I guess there's not enough drama if Haim is just the annoying neighbor who drops in uninvited all the time.

Oh well. I was wrong. It's not a great reality show. It's a good idea for a reality show that just didn't live up to its potential. But at least their advice column is funny.


CBK said...

"Haim is just the annoying neighbor who drops in uninvited all the time."

But what a great concept for a sitcom!

dara said...

Uh, you mean like Kramer on Seinfeld?

Sean said...

i found myself watching that way more than i should admit. the biggest thing it had going for it for me? it aired when i could find nothing else appealing to watch. scheduling is everything!