Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Proof that you can still be mean after death

How much does someone have to dislike her grandchildren to disinherit them -- while leaving $12 million to her dog?

I wonder what the grandkids did to deserve this.


Beakerz said...

she sucked in life. not a big surprise, she sucks in the afterlife. leaving money to a dog. that's just rude.

not to mention all the stipulations for the others to get the money. Either leave it for them or don't. Don't try to control people After you're dead.

it's just so wrong! ggrrrr

dara said...

Eh, I understand the idea of directing what is to be done with the money. Even normal people have trusts, and a lot of them have rules. Asking them to visit their father's grave once in a while for an extra $5 million dollars doesn't seem so burdensome.

To some extent, I understand wanting to use your money to take care of a loyal, faithful pet. But $12 million dollars? Puh-leez. Especially when that's after you disinherited two of your grandkids.

I think the only socially acceptable reasons to disinherit your own grandchildren are that (1) they're Nazis, Taliban, or cult members; (2) they will use the money for heroin; (3) they tried to kill you.

Chaim said...

I don't know, $12 million does sound like a lot at first, but when you start to read about the lifestyle that little pooch has enjoyed, suddenly $12 mil sounds like it might not be enough!