Friday, August 10, 2007

Grumpy Bear

Even on a good day, I'm filled with enough vitriol for someone at least twice my size -- but I possess enough self-control that, other than a select group of friends (you should feel honored folks!) very few people get to experience it firsthand.

When I'm not feeling well, I magically lose the ability to keep it to myself.

So, today, pretty much everyone was the subject of my wrath. In no particular order, here are the out-of-character things that I said and did:

  • Said, "Uh, whatever" in a scornful voice to the woman who attempted to cut in front of me at the place where I get my morning tea.
  • Pushed the purse of the girl who sat next to me on Metro off my lap in a not-so-gentle manner.
  • Lost my patience and told employee of client that he was looking at the wrong document in a completely annoyed tone of voice.
  • Told my mother that I had a very complicated life, and then told her she was mean when she laughed at me. I then proceeded to blame her for the fact that I'm a whiny spoiled princess.
  • Used the f-word in front of a bunch of touristy small children when their mother refused to move to the right side of the Metro escalator (after I said "Excuse me" no fewer than 2 times), causing me to miss my train.
  • Muttered "pick up your pants" to some wannabe hoodlum with exposed pink boxer briefs in the mall food court.
  • Described someone as "wannabe hoodlum."


Evil Spock said...

Its so much more fun here on the evil side.

D said...

Wait... I don't see anything wrong with any of those.