Thursday, March 06, 2008

Four weeks

Four weeks ago my mother died. Four weeks. Sometimes, it seems like it was so much longer ago than that -- and other times it feels like it was just yesterday. And then there are the times when it just feels like she's away on a long vacation, somewhere where I can't reach her on the phone -- and then I remember.

I wish she was here. She'd tell me which dress to wear on Saturday.


E :) said...

Can't wait to hear what dress you decided upon.

I hope you're ok, Dara.

Kimberly said...

**big hugs**

btw, i saw a pic on jason's facebook, and you look great in that dress!!

dara said...

e:) - Against my better judgment, I allowed myself to be convinced to wear the black and gold. I spent the entire night tugging at it, though.

Kimmie: Eh, I think I looked fat in the pictures. But thanks.