Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Night at Nationals Park

While on line for hot dogs, I told Dan that I felt like a twelve-year-old. The stadium was so bright, so new, so . . . amazing. And that was before the game even started, let alone how it ended.

But words don't really do it justice. Here are my pictures:

And here's the video of the ceremonial first pitch:


Burnt Couch said...

Wow you got home quick!

Then again, if I lived intown.....

anyway, Great game right?!

didn't know you went. next time i'll buy ya a beer ($7.50 btw. dang!)

pictures up later or tomorrow

Justin S. said...

It's quite a stadium. Hopefully they'll get the concession lines moving quicker, that was my only complaint from the exhibition game. Did you have a chance to walk around? I really liked the "Red Porch," a great way to make the outfield seats more desirable.

Favorite food item so far is the hot chocolate from Giffords, which even prior to the game I would have said was about my favorite hot chocolate ever. And they make it properly at the game, they don't make some cheapo version for the ballpark. Granted I won't want hot chocolate during the summer months, but the 15 or so flavors of Giffords ice cream will come in handy then.

By the way, there's a Five Guys on the top level.

Next week I'll be checking out the club level seats... I'll report back in full.

dara said...

Burnt Couch: We walked up to Capitol South and caught the blue line to VA. It was way easier -- and faster -- than dealing with the crowds and the green line and the changing trains. If I lived on red line, I think I would have done the same thing to change at Metro Center or caught the bus to Union Station.

Justin: It's awesome. My only complaints were about the concession lines, the metro lines, and the fact that they ran out of hot chocolate during the 8th inning.

matt said...

I saw the first pitch on ESPN last night and was pleased to hear that the first pitch(er) received more than a smattering of boos.

As much as I was booing at home, I don't think I would have booed at the park... wouldn't want to jinx the place by booing the opening pitch at the stadium.

Now if you could get Matt Chico to stop baffling my Phillies, I'd appreciate it.

dara said...

Matt: As you can hear, I did not boo, I just videotaped. But even without wanting to keep quiet for the sake of the recording, I don't think I would have booed -- it didn't seem like the time or place for it.

And, for the record, he did not get as cold a reception as Cheney did in '06, which caused me to giggle while videotaping.

Chico's new delivery seems to be helping almost as much as his hitting. Currently, his average is higher than Lastings Milledge and Ryan Zimmerman -- but apparently, he lacks "pop."

Utley and Burrell seem to have him figured out, though.

Miss Scarlet said...

I am glad you didn't boo. No one should be booed. If I had been there I would have cheered just to off set some of the meanness. (politics aside, ya know?)

I hope to get to go to a game!

dara said...

Scarlet: Don't get me wrong: If it were a political event, I'd boo my little left-leaning anti-war heart out. But, as far as I'm concerned, baseball is not a political event.

Opening Day is a holiday, and should be treated with reverence.

And yes, you should get yourself to a game. The stadium is a thing of beauty. (But to be honest, I even felt that way about RFK in early April '05.)