Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Interesting quizzes

Yesterday, Gene Weingarten's chat linked to two face recognition tests. I only missed one on the celebrity quiz, but I only scored an 86% on the regular test. Clearly this means that way too much of my brain is devoted to utter nonsense.

Then, today, my brother sent me this quiz where the complete lyrics for a well-known rock song placed in alphabetical order, with each word appearing no more than once (regardless of how many times it appears in the actual song) - and you're supposed to guess the song.

It's harder than it looks, but, as I just noted, I'm pretty good at nonsense. I spent about twenty minutes on it, and, on first glance, I was sure of 31 of the 50. When I spent a little time thinking about it, I came up with ideas about another 6 or 7, which as luck would have it, turned out to be mostly right.

Let me know how you do.


Justin S. said...

Still working My way through the music quiz. I have 6 of the first 9, but thought I had 7.

***** SPOILER ALERT, Don't read if you're planning on taking the Quiz *****

The one I got wrong was Born To Run. I put the phrase "Highway 9, Fuel-injected" together but couldn't place the song. But why did I get it wrong? "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is in there, as well as the whole phrase "I walk these empty streets, on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams." Except the word "empty," but I thought maybe I was remembering the lyrics wrong, and it was actually "lonely."

Justin S. said...

Finished it. Got 42 out of 50.

CBK said...

Ugh, I only got 33. I played by tens. My best group was 11-20, where I got 9. My worst was 31-40, where I got only 5. There were a couple I felt I should have known, but mostly the ones I didn't get are ones I'm not sufficiently familiar with. I knew which one was Dylan, just not which song.

dara said...

Justin: Good job. Better than me - I wound up getting 37 correct.

I got Born to Run right away. It was the combo of "9," "engines," "highway," "strap," "tramps," and "Wendy" that gave it away.

CBK: I did about equally well for each set of 10. Most of the ones I missed were songs that I wasn't particularly familiar with, or songs/artists that I don't really think of as "rock" -- like Beat It or My Girl.