Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trial, day 21 -- a look back

So, we finally finished the trial today, and I got to drive back from Newark with a car full of boxes. But now the fun (read: briefing) begins.

But let's focus on other things for a minute. Like how different things are now, versus where they were on January 15:

  • When this trial began, it was the beginning of winter. Now it's almost Spring.
  • When this trial began, Mitt Romney looked like a viable candidate, and Hillary Clinton was the Democratic front-runner. Back then, the Republicans were playing attack ads, and the Democrats were playing nice. Now John McCain has the Republican nomination sewn up, and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are fighting it out for the Democratic nomination.
  • Since this trial began, I have had two changes to my salary, and I got a new boss. (actually my boss's boss's boss, but who's counting?)
  • When this trial began, I hadn't stayed in a Hilton in the better part of a year. Now I have either gold or silver Hilton Honors status.
  • When this trial began, I only knew of two good restaurants in Newark. Now I could direct people to at least six. (Unfortunately, five of them have very similar Portuguese food.)
  • Since this trial began, I have eaten more M&M cookies than I could count -- more than any time since my childhood.
  • Since this trial began, I have been to the gym approximately four times.
  • When this trial began, I was eight pounds lighter, and one dress size smaller.
  • When this trial began, I had two parents and two grandmothers. Now I only have one of each.


Miss Scarlet said...

Good grief....so many changes. I bet you're relieved it's almost over. Does the next stage keep you in the area?

dara said...

Yup, no more work travel on the horizon.