Monday, March 24, 2008


With the revelation that it's not really true that watching basketball during March Madness decreases my productivity, I've been thinking about my work productivity and how it could be better.

Clearly, the answer to that is "take away my internet access." Forget about managing basketball brackets; it's the reading websites and email that suck away all my time.

But you know what I really learned today? I'm currently at the pinnacle of my productivity: It's scientifically proven that I'll be way less productive if I ever have kids. That is a scary, scary thought.

Still, what scares me more is how this is surprising enough to merit a study.


Justin S. said...

To play devil's advocate, raising a kid is extremely productive. Perhaps billable hours shouldn't be the ultimate measure of productivity.

dara said...

Yeah. Except that this was about work productivity. Completely separate issue.