Monday, April 17, 2006

Belated Easter goodness

I missed a couple things in Saturday's Easter post. But better late than never, right?

First, the Seattle Times ran a Peep art contest, and the results were spectacular. Make sure you check out all three galleries. Here are my top 3:

Second -- and much more weird -- in Omaha, instead of getting the Easter Bunny, they got Frank from Donnie Darko.

I can see how they might be confused:

Update: The Washington Post's Marc Fisher blogged about peeps, including various suggestions for what to do with leftovers now that Easter has passed. But more importantly, he included this tidbit:

Peeps, spongy little chicks and bunnies, are sickly sweet, have a shelf life of two years, and are pretty much indestructible. This has been proven scientifically. (University researchers, supported by tax dollars, no doubt, have put their all into these projects. This is science for the peeps, so to speak.) From the Emory University Peeps project, courtesy of Fortune magazine: "James Zimring, an assistant pathology professor, and Gary Falcon, a computer scientist, found that the only liquid that would dissolve Peeps was an industrial-strength, protein-dissolving chemical solution. Zimring notes that closing a Peep in a microwave incited a fear response: 'The Peep expanded, just like a scared cat sticking out its fur, and its eyes dilated.'"

This is what happens when a Lord of the Rings fan plays with peeps.

And, finally, for the adults in the room, here's a description of some of the evil things with peeps available on YouTube and Google Video.

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