Sunday, October 01, 2006

100 Things

A lot of people post these lists of 100 things about them. (Mad's actually trying for a million, which is pretty darn ambitious if you ask me!)

Anyway, here's my list. You might have figured some of these out already; others are new. some of them are even new to me.

1. I wore black for my entire 10th grade year. I still wear a lot of black. But mostly because it matches everything.
2. My sister and I were both born on major holidays. My brother was not, and I feel kind of bad about that.
3. Almost everyone in my extended family is a Mets fan, but, for some weird reason, both of my parents are Yankees fans and my sister is a Braves fan. I consider myself a Nationals fan.
4. I am cold almost all the time.
5. When my friend Alli and I were in high school, we used to get drunk and play Going to California. She played piano, I sang (badly).
6. Around that time, Alli was “friends” with Marilyn Manson. We used to go to bars to watch them play.
7. I only learned calculus to impress a boy.
8. While watching a college football game, I have gotten nervous enough to vomit. Sober.
9. I am horrible at keeping in touch with people when I don’t see them all the time.
10. My favorite U2 song is Bad.
11. I sing in the car. LOUD.
12. I used to think that I looked hot in mini skirts and knee-high boots.
13. I can’t function with a messy desk.
14. One of my biggest fears is that one day, I’ll actually be diagnosed with OCD and will have to take meds.
15. I was in a sorority. It helped me decide to graduate college early.
16. I am jealous of my sister’s hair.
17. Every time I get a haircut, I swear that I’ll wear it neat and styled, but inevitably, it always winds up in a ponytail, clip, or bun.
18. I once dyed my hair jet black, sort-of on purpose. I then called my friend and told her that it “looked like Trent Fucking Reznor.”
19. I think I’d have a lot of grey hair if I didn’t color it, but I’m not entirely sure.
20. When I told my father that people at work said I was mean, he said “You’re not mean -- you have an edge. Your sister is mean.”
21. When I was in law school, my mother once paid me $50 to clean my brother’s apartment. It was the most disgusting thing I ever did.
22. If I were rich and didn’t have to worry about supporting myself, I would have gotten a Ph. D. in Art History or Literature instead of going to law school.
23. My college degree was in communications.
24. Some woman on the metro once told me that I had the prettiest hands that she’d ever seen.
25. I think my hands are freakishly small.
26. I usually have very long fingernails.
27. I’m not really sure whether my eyes are blue or green.
28. I think I look smarter when I’m wearing my glasses.
29. I think I look better when I’m wearing dark eyeliner.
30. I have horrible taste in boyfriends.
31. Women often annoy me.
32. More than once, I have had secret (and not-so-secret) crushes on boys that I referred to as “my best friend.”
33. I occasionally say that people are “my best friend” when they’re really not.
34. I get along better with guys than girls. Most of my good friends are male.
35. My real best friends are female.
36. I once dated my sister’s roommate.
37. The second worst thing that I have ever done was make out with a male friend on his couch in his living room while his girlfriend was taking care of a sick (read: drunk) friend across the street.
38. The worst thing that I have ever done is so horrible that I can’t bring myself to write it.
39. I am allergic to cats.
40. I was scared of dogs until my family got one. I was in college at the time. Now I want a puppy.
41. When I was in law school, my roommate and I adopted a dog from the pound and named her after the Hale-Bopp comet. She was completely nuts. Sometimes I think it was because of the name.
42. I have a sort-of photographic memory: I remember where things are on the page. It’s a really useful skill for open-book tests.
43. I collect things. Right now, it’s CDs, DVDs, clothing, shoes, handbags, and wine.
44. I have an extraordinarily large number of PEZ dispensers.
45. I have, on occasion, thought about getting rid of everything I own and starting from scratch. However, my ties to my material possessions are such that I will never be able to do it.
46. If I had to leave my apartment and could only save one memento, it would be a letter that my dad sent to me when I was 12.
47. I have, on occasion, had enough alcohol that I blacked out.
48. One time, when I was in college, I drank enough that I had to be carried out of the dorm during a fire drill.
49. Another time, after the UF-FSU game right before my 23rd birthday, I passed out in front of the Gumby’s pizza on Tennessee Street.
50. I was proposed to while watching the UF-FSU game on my 18th birthday.
51. I am usually glad that I have not gotten married.
52. I love cheese.
53. Until this summer, I never had a cheeseburger. Not for any religious or dietary reason. I just didn’t think it was worth it.
54. I have a $150 bottle of champagne in my refrigerator. For no good reason.
55. My sister and I almost never fought growing up. The only actual physical confrontation that I remember was over a Def Leppard tape. But we both fought with our brother all the time.
56. I used to think that my family was hopelessly crazy; now I think that they’re embarrassingly normal.
57. I generally like controversial people.
58. I am chronically unable to stick to a budget.
59. I can read at least two foreign languages well enough to get by. I get too nervous to really speak in any of them.
60. I am seriously convinced that people do not understand me at all.
61. My parents flipped out when I got my ears double-pierced.
62. I used to have a navel piercing. My sister’s piercings are worse than that.
63. I drew the art that is now one of my sister’s tattoos. I was going to get it too, but I chickened out. I regret that decision.
64. For the past several years -- including this one -- I'm the only one in my immediate family that went to services for the high holy days.
65. Tonight, for the first time, I asked both of my parents if they believed in God. They surprised me when they both said yes.
66. I am not sure if I really believe in God. My mother was surprised when I told her that.
67. I do, however, believe in a sort of karmic balance – that good things happen to people who do good things, and vice-versa. My mother disagrees.
68. I think it would be hypocritical of me to keep kosher.
69. I’m not sure if I believe in hell, but if there is one, I am absolutely convinced that I am going.
70. I occasionally have predictive dreams.
71. When I told my mom about the dreams, she said that she has the same thing. She thinks it means that we’re witches. I think that is a little silly. I did, however, buy a book on witchcraft. I haven’t done anything with it, though.
72. I once thought I saw a ghost. I’m still not entirely convinced otherwise.
73. I hate dressing up for work.
74. I wish I was more artistic and creative.
75. I am late to work almost every day.
76. I say that I wish I spent more time at the gym.
77. I really wish I had more time to sleep and watch tv.
78. I watch way too much tv as it is. I should read more books instead.
79. Generally, the angrier I get, the quieter I get.
80. I have only yelled at an unrelated person one time in my entire life. I regret it, but only because it ultimately proved pointless.
81. My mother loves to play cards. I often worry that she has a problem.
82. I occasionally think that my brother might be the smartest person I know.
83. I often make fun of people reading chick lit, but I occasionally read it too.
84. Something happened that caused me to laugh in the movie theater when Macaulay Culkin’s character died in My Girl. People turned around and glared. It only made me laugh harder.
85. The first thing I ever bought on e-Bay was a set of limited edition X-Files Barbies. It was also the first thing I bought with my first lawyer paycheck.
86. I hate it when guys wear those t-shirts with fish on them. (You know the ones.)
87. I’ve never had the chicken pox.
88. I am not sure whether I am really smart or just stupid enough to think that I’m smart. I’m becoming more and more convinced that it’s the latter.
89. I had a high school teacher try to get me taken out of the gifted program.
90. I swear a lot – and always have. When I first started practicing law, I was convinced that at some point, I would get in trouble for swearing in open court.
91. I’m trying to swear less, so I use the word “poop” a lot.
92. I have never watched a porno flick. I have, however, seen Ron Jeremy in person. (And I did go to a goth bar in New Orleans that was showing a goth porn on on the tvs at the bar.)
93. I am much more maternal than people think.
94. I have a pink haired troll doll on my computer desk.
95. I had pink bedroom furniture as a teenager.
96. The most expensive thing that I ever bought was a piece of jewelry.
97. I am very easily distractible.
98. I think that, as a litmus test for dating, a guy should, at a minimum, be able to change the oil in my car and replace my wiper blades.
99. My car is blue. I wish I had gotten it in silver instead, with the leather interior. Other than that, it’s perfect.
100. Coming up with 100 things was way more difficult than I anticipated.


Miss Scarlet said...

Good job! I think it's difficult to make these things.

I wear a lot of black, too.

mad said...

Great list, Dara! I actually think you're way more creative and artistic than you give yourself credit for. For example, I'll buy your painting if you ever decide to sell it.

BTW, I don't really plan to do a million. Hell, I haven't even reached a hundred.

Dara said...

Scarlet: This was a lot of work. The first 50 or so were easy. I was scrounging for stuff at the end.

Black is flattering on my skin tone and slimming. Not only that, they make it for every season. And it matches everything. Plus, it looks way more professional in a power suit than red, or even blue, brown, or gray.

My only question is why people don't wear more of it.

Dara said...

Mad: When I'm sitting in my office all day, writing a memo on some obscure provision of the Internal Revenue Code (and missing the courtroom), I feel as if I've lost every single drop of creativity that I ever had.

I know you don't really plan on doing a million. But it's still fun to dream.

And if you keep the website going long enough -- and the list remains an occasional feature -- who knows?

Miss Scarlet said...

I KNOW! Whenever I see people wearing it I make sure to comment on how nice they look. I think people are afraid they'll appear "goth" or something. I like color, too....but with black:)

Ryane said...

Dara--Bad is my favorite U2 song, as well...and I once got into a fight w/mysister over Def Leppard, only it was the number of DL posters I had in our room..haha.

Great list...

Dara said...

Scarlet: If it wasn't for black clothes and black eyeliner, I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Maybe I am secretly a little goth. I mean, I do have all the CDs by the Cure and Depeche Mode.

Ryane: People who don't like Bad are Communists.

And, lucky for us, my sister and I pretty much always had our own rooms, otherwise I'm sure that we would have fought more -- probably over wall space for our numerous posters.

Our Def Leppard fight was about her stealing my copy of Hysteria and then lying about it to me. We fought until my dad walked into the room and told us to take it outside, but only one of us could come back.
The fight then ended.

After that, the family joke was that if you let her take something into her room, it became hers. Little sisters are so annoying like that.

Ryane said...

haha--In my case, I am the little sister who is so annoying. Although, having said that, both of my older sisters managed to annoy me w/alarming regularity!

And I should qualify--My favorite version of Bad is from A Sort of Homecoming..I lovelovelove the live version.

Dara said...

Ryane: I shouldn't say things about my sister. She and I generally got along famously. For a long time, I told anyone that would ask that she was my best friend, and actually meant it.

My brother was really the annoying one.

And, as for Bad, from actual albums, the Wide Awake in America version is best. But I have a bootleg album from the Joshua Tree tour in Chicago that has the Best. Version. Ever.

Seriously. You should hear it sometime.

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