Monday, October 23, 2006

Revenge of the Nerd!

In a Q&A session in Time, Tina Fey had the following exchange about Maxim ranking her as the third least-appealing female on TV:

Q: How 'bout Maxim magazine listing you as one of TV's 10 least appealing ladies?

A: Maxim talks a good game, but if Maxim and I were alone, and Maxim was drunk, they'd sleep with me.
Point, Tina.

And, no, Nancy Grace can't say the same.

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Andy said...

Now I haven't seen Maxim's list of the least appealing women on TV, but Tina Fey wears glasses to make her less appealing. If you take off the glasses she's super hot. WAHOOWA go Tina Fey. By the way, my word verification is eugshl. I just thought it was funny and I'd share that.