Friday, October 27, 2006

Today in law

Today, in my former home state, it was determined that Wiccans lack standing to sue to protest a sales tax exemption on religious items. Plus, they don't get to claim the exemption on things that they sell because they don't own a place of worship. Seems to me that this legislation discriminates against renters, not Wiccans.

Be careful, kids: Naomi Campbell's at it again! This time, though, she didn't attack her maid -- it was her drug counselor. Too bad no one paid attention when I warned everyone to stay away from her months ago.

And, since Above the Law gave us a shout-out yesterday, I thought I'd return the favor. Check out their story on the lawsuit filed against Green Day claiming that somebody else wrote American Idiot. (And no, this didn't just catch my eye because of the U2 reference in the title.)

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