Thursday, October 05, 2006

Points of Order

  1. Other than Peter, no one is commenting today. I feel very unloved. Just sayin'.

  2. Yesterday, I almost broke my rule prohibiting me from writing about work in all but the vaguest of manners, by posting pictures of my lovely and clean new office -- recently improved with diplomas actually hung up on the walls. Then I realized that all I needed to do was send the pictures to my mom, since they were really just for her anyway.

  3. Today, Jason (of the always amusing Oxymoron: Hipster Dork) posted about his blog persona. I just left a comment about mine, but then I was thinking about whether it was accurate. For those of you that know me in the meatspace, is this true?

    In terms of my 'persona,' I guess that means that my blog is mostly the outside-of-work me -- but in my funnier moments -- and without really exposing the depth and breadth of my mean streak.

  4. Does anyone have any idea of something I should get for my mom for her 60th birthday next weekend?

  5. I'm going to have to revise my baseball playoff predictions. I'm so over the Twins. Actually, I think it's more accurate to state that the Twins are so over.

  6. Project Runway reunion episode: Sucked. Well, except for the fact that Keith Michael is apparently a lying, cheating, whiny, baby. Blaming the producers and insinuating that he was set up? What a crock.

  7. Any one else see last night's Lost? Despite some answers, the mystery keeps on getting weirder and weirder.


Ryane said...

Jewelry for mom. Can anything beat a sparkly, esp. a 60th b-day sparkly?

As for the blog persona idea, I haven't figured out how I want to respond, which is why I haven't posted anything over at Oxymoron. But I think the idea is intriguing..

Didn't catch Project Runway. I only just started watching and so, a reunion show didn't seem appealing. Now I am glad I didn't watch.

Never been to Wegman's...mostly b/c I don't want to drive out to Fairfax once, to see it--and then find myself CONStantly wantint to drive out to Fairfax to buy my groceries. I am going to be content w/my gourmet Giant in Van Ness and the new TJ's on 25th Street...

I know nothing of the current baseball series to say anything witty, or even stupid, and so will just shut up about that and finally--

I know what you mean about hanging diplomas. Mine are still in a box. soo sad. See. and Sallie Mae thinks I got nothing better to do w/my $50 bucks...


Dara said...

Ryane: I wish I could buy my mom jewelry. That would be easy. Sadly, her taste is way way out of my budget. She's somewhat of a jewelry connoisseur, to put it mildly.

I think, actually, that the Project Runway reunion show would have been a good way for someone who hasn't been watching all along to get the gist of what happened. I just hated it because it was a recap. Except for the Keith part. That was riveting.

You're missing out on the Wegmans. But yeah, now I kind of want to go out there again. But I used to have the same feeling about Trader Joe's, the kosher grocery store in Wheaton, and IKEA. But eventually, I always get over it and move on.

It took me a year after I started working to frame my diplomas and bar certificates. But I was working for the government at the time, so I did it on the cheap. On the very cheap. They look like total and complete crap compared to all of the fancy stuff around here. I can probably afford to get them done over again, nicely, but I am too cheap and lazy to bother. I also have new stuff to be framed that is just rolled up on a book shelf.

Ryane said...

hmm...oK. So jewelry is out. What about a spa day--does she like massage/facials, etc..?? Or, what about a night out for a play/ballet/orchestra..whatever floats her boat--and a great dinner?


Cash and shoes? Wait. Who are we buying for again??


Marty said...

Lost was great, as usual. The ongoing mystery is why I watch.
I'll have to think about that 'blog persona' thing. Cause I'm clearly different in real life than I am on the blog. Well, not that much. But some.

Dara said...

All good ideas, but, alas, the woman is unreasonably hard to shop for. I've tried the spa day and dinner out on prior occasions -- and it doesn't really work for her. If she wants something like that, she just goes out and does it.

She thinks cash or giftcards are not personal enough. Shoes are too hard to buy for someone else -- although I offered.

Last year, I got her a nice Kate Spade bag, so that's out too, since she doesn't change bags that often.

When she was complaining about her printer the other day, I offered to buy her a new one, but she told me not to. I also offer -- all the time -- to buy her a plane ticket to come up to visit, but she scoffs because she allegedly doesn't like to fly. (Except for the whole flying to Europe next spring thing. Clearly, that's an exception.)

So, as usual, I'm screwed. I think the only thing she might get is me being home for the weekend.

This is why I envy people with waspy non-jewish mothers that (1)don't think shopping is a sporting activity, (2) don't have more jewelry than some royalty, and (3) don't take it as a personal affront if you don't get them something good.

Enuki Numina Mac said...

I think you should get your mom a picture of your brother, 'cos he's so amazing.

Miss Scarlet said...

It seems like they're going to need to start answering some of the questions on Lost. Obviously they will need to open up some more mysteries, but they need to give us SOME answers!

Dara said...

Marty: I think the question is how much of you is in your blog, as compared with what is edited out. For me, I think there's really a lot that doesn't make it in.

Enuki: Nice blog. Nice picture. And my mom hates my brother. I'm surprised he hasn't figured that out already.

Scarlet: It's like they teased us with that whole thing at the end of last season, and now with the little utopian village pre-plane crash, yet managed to not really clue us in on anything.

Give us a friggin' bone already. Just a little answer. Please?