Wednesday, October 18, 2006

WTF? TV Moments of the week

I got off the plane and made it home just in time to see Lost and Project Runway.

This just added to my confusion about this week's TV, at least to the extent that I've been able to watch. Below are some questions for your perusal:
  1. What is up with Desmond? That is just too weird. And Locke living on a marijuana-growing commune? I never would have guessed. And should I bother watching the bonus stuff for AmEx cardholders? Has anyone else tried it yet?

  2. Jeffrey was over budget, accused of cheating, and the judges criticized his dresses, while complimenting Uli and Laura. Yet he won. I have to admit, I loved his collection. I thought it was the most interesting, artistic, and innovative, hands down. But would anyone buy any of it? So I guess my confusion stems from trying to figure out the exact criteria that the judges are going by. Because if they're looking for something that will sell . . . then Jeffrey is most certainly not their guy.

  3. I just read Scarlet's blog on Gilmore Girls. Let me be clear: Even though I didn't think it was in character for Lorelai to run off and sleep with him right after breaking up with Luke, I am a Christopher fan. But I'm realistic: there's no way they're going to wind up together. But since he's Rory's father, I'm confused about why the writers have to use him as the wrench between Lorelai and Luke. Like everyone keeps saying, he and Lorelai should know better than to potentially screw that up.

  4. On the same note, why are they playing the same push them together-pull them apart with Veronica and Logan on Veronica Mars? Just. Stop.

  5. What About Brian? Seriously. He looks like he needs a haircut and a shower. I never would have run out on my wedding to the hot lawyery dude (who was absolutely charming and adorable on tonight's Jimmy Kimmel) because of the guy from 7th Heaven.

  6. Why is Nightline wasting bandwith by airing a segment on the Left Behind books? Everyone should paying less attention to KC and his ilk, not more.

I'm sure I'll eventually have more, but I'm too tired right now to think of any.

Back to work tomorrow.


Miss Scarlet said...

I just started watching Veronica Mars at the request of a few we like Logan?

Ryane said...

I am admittedly late to the Project Runway game, but I gotta say--I think it absolutely sucks that Jeffrey won--seriously. His clothes were interesting and I did like a lot of what he did, but He F-ed up. He overspent his budget and that should've been that. I know if I go over my budget at work, I'm screwed and don't get a prize so what gives?

And on another note, do they ever have contests where they design for men, or just women AND finally, has a woman ever won Project Runway, or has it strictly been men?


Dara said...

Scarlet: Logan's one of those characters that started out as a complete a-hole, but now we're supposed to like. Like luke and Lorelai, I feel kind of manipulated into the whole thing. But yeah, we're supposed to be rooting for them.

Ryane: I totally agree. But then again, he did wind up under budget once he returned the wigs. Is that what matters?

They have occasionally had a menswear challenge, but not a whole contest for menswear designers. (I think a women's fashion week runway show is something like the gold standard for fashion designers.) And yeah, a woman -- Chloe Dao -- won season 2.

Kilroy_60 said...

I'm thinking about WTF moments when it comes to television. No, I can't handle doing a new blog. It seems like most of it is WTF!