Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pictures of Food

So, is it wrong to take pictures of your food in a restaurant? Some people seem to think so.

I think it's fine -- especially if the pictures are funny. For example, inadvertent smiley faces:

Or when your sister eats a giant tiramisu with two giant spoons*:

I just wish I had kept the picture documenting the mysteriously yellow pancakes at the Metro 29 Diner.

Seriously, people. Relax, have a good time. Have some tiramisu.

*I know that I originally said I wasn't going to post this picture because she might kill me. But honestly, she lives 1000 miles away. Plus, it's funny. And I really don't care anymore.

Most importantly, I don't think she's reading my blog. So it's not like she'll see it. Unless, of course, my brother tells her about it. Which he won't. Right?


Peter said...

The first person I ever saw take a picture of his food was Professor Moffat at some law school function. He took a picture of his dessert. I didn't think it was rude, but I thought it was very strange. I think he did it because he didn't have any friends or family to take pictures of.

Taking a picture of amusing food, or of someone eating (which always makes an amusing picture) is understandable. Just taking a picture of food is weird.

Dara said...

Yeah, Professor Moffat was odd.

As for pictures, maybe sometimes your food is just memorable, all by itself. Like that time you got hives from eating ostrich. Don't you wish you documented that?

In all seriousness, I understand that just taking random pictures of random food in restaurants is weird. But complaining about it/trying to keep people from doing it is weirder. People need to choose their battles more selectively.

Peter said...

I think that the Ostrich experience occurred at the same restuarant where Moffat took a picture of his dessert. Maybe it was even the same night. Anyway, I definately didn't need to take a picture of the Ostrich steak to remember it.

Now that I think about it, Professor Moffat's taking the picture of his dessert was even stranger than I originally thought. Why did he have a camera with him in the first place? (it was before camera phones) Did he leave home planning to take a picture of his food?

But, I agree that it is probably even stranger to try and prevent people from taking pictures of their food than it is to actually take pictures of the food.