Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tickle What?

Today, I made every effort to try to post serious, topical, discussion-oriented material, but then I saw this and had to share.

I will never look at my Tickle-Me-Elmo the same.


Ryane said...

HAHAHAHA. that is all wrong, in all the right ways...


suze said...

heehee. that's better than the video i saw a few years ago of tickle me elmo and the jumping tigger doll.

oh the things we do to toys ;)

Anonymous said...

Wrong, wrong, wrong. BUt if feel so good to laugh.

Dara said...

It's a simple equation, really:

Porn + Kids Toys = Funny

It works every single time. And the younger the child that the toy is intended for, the funnier the outcome.