Sunday, July 29, 2007

The weekend

For the record, I was seriously considering making an offer on a condo in a high rise building right near the Ballston metro station. I even went to go look at it a second time with the realtor. As much as I wanted to do it, though, after looking at it a second time, I came to the conclusion that it's just not the right place for me.
Plus, in the meantime, I negotiated my rent down -- instead of an 8% increase, they're coming in at just under 5%. Which I can live with until next year, when I've saved some more money for a down payment. I'm hoping that if the real estate bubble is really in the process of bursting, it will have done so by then. And if not, I should earn enough to compensate for the difference.

What this all boils down to is that I'm just not really ready to do it.

So, after reaching this decision in a conference call with my parents, I watched Dreamgirls. And then I went to dinner and went home, intending to read and perhaps go to sleep early, since I was a little tired from all the stress of looking for a house over the last two weeks, and was in a slightly crappy mood. But one of my friends called, and tried to convince me to go out to Georgetown. I said I didn't want to do anything, but he convinced me to let him come over and hang out and watch Legally Blonde, and that maybe, if I was feeling better, we'd go out later.

Of course I relented and we went out. When we got into the parking garage to go walk down to the Georgetown waterfront, we saw that his passenger side rear tire was flat. This, of course, made him grumpy. We tried to change the tire, but we couldn't get the bolts to move.

Lucky for us, my dad gives me membership in AAA every year for Chrismanukah. So I called them, and they came to change the tire -- surprisingly quickly. But still, it was very hot and humid, and by the time they came, I was very sweaty and very uncomfortable. But at least my hair was very curly.

I wound up taking metro home. Since it was late on a Saturday night, I had to wait 25 minutes for the train. When the train finally came, they were doing maintenance on the track, which meant it was very slow. It took about half an hour to go the three stops. And, of course, since it was late on a Saturday night, there were drunk people sitting right near me, complaining about the train. One boy -- who couldn't have been older than 22 -- decided to strike up a conversation with me. He thought he was a really big deal being because he works as a paralegal in a law firm. I thought it was funny to play along. The look on his drunk little face when he finally got around to asking me what I did for a living was priceless.

I finally got home at about 3:30. I've been exhausted all day, and I didn't really accomplish anything. And now, I'm just trying to stay awake long enough that I won't wake up at 4 am. To do this, I'm watching The Two Coreys. (And for more on all things Haim and Feldman, read this.)


Jason said...

Comes down to The Lost Boys vs. Stand By Me. I think I take The Lost Boys, so I voted for Corey Haim.

Jason said...

You might also want to play "Which Corey?" here:

Justin S. said...

Jason, Feldman was in both those movies whereas Haim was only in The Lost Boys. Your logic doesn't make sense unless you're arguing that Stand By Me was a BAD movie and detracts from Feldman's goodness.

And anyway, as much as I like The Lost Boys, Stand By Me was clearly better.

Dara, I think your decision to stay in your condo is directly related to Dmitri's contract extension.

Evil Spock said...

Always felt Feldman's fugliness made him the better actor over Haim.

Jason said...

Ok, you're right. The logic was stupid. Haim got the vote because he was the one that was only in The Lost Boys and because The Lost Boys holds sentimental value for me. Guess it's not so much that it was better than Stand by Me (you're right, it wasn't) but that The Lost Boys is a more important movie to my life (and no, not because I'm secretly a vampire).

dara said...

You boys scare me, with your attempts at Corey logic.

And Justin, I think that Dmitri will be moving out at the end of the season.

CBK said...

Your poll left out a third option: They're both equally deplorable.

dara said...

The poll doesn't ask for you to say that either of the Coreys is good. All it asks is that you pick which one is better. So, even if you think they both suck, you can still pick one.

Justin S. said...

I good every answer right on the "Which Corey" quiz. And I was very confident about my answers on top of that. I know too much about Coreys.

Wait. Which one sang Sunglasses at Night?

dara said...

Corey Hart, who, coincidentally, plays right field for the Brewers.

honeykbee said...

I, too, somehow stumbled across The Two Coreys recently. Boy, that Haim sure is a disaster wrapped in a burrito of misery, isn't he? The hell happened there? Poor Haim. Long live the Corey's!