Monday, July 02, 2007

Eight Things

Ryane tagged me. And, being a good sport, I'll play along.

The rules:
1. Post the rules, then list eight things about yourself.
2. At the end of the post, tag and link to eight other people.
3. Leave a comment at those sites, letting them know they've been tagged, and asking them to come read the post so they know what to do.

Here goes:
#1. What Greg said is true. Other than hairstyle and fashion choices, I look pretty much exactly the same as I did in high school. (Well, I have a little more gray hair . . .) Anyone who knew me then would be able to recognize me.

#2. I have CDs of 33 different U2 concerts. Legally obtained, of course.

#3. My idea of love goes something like this:
I read bad poetry
Into your machine
I save your messages
Just to hear your voice
You always listen carefully
To awkward rhymes
You always say your name,
Like I wouldn't know it's you,
At your most beautiful
At my most beautiful
I count your eyelashes, secretly
With every one, whisper I love you
I let you sleep
I know you're closed eye watching me,
I thought I saw a smile

Every time I hear it, I melt a little.

#4. The last CD that I bought has both R.E.M. and U2 on it. (Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur.)

#5. I am currently looking at a poster of Real Genius, featuring a very very young Val Kilmer.

#6. I have a scar on my right knee from an incident involving a metro escalator on the way to a Nationals game during the 2005 season.

#7. I laugh out loud every single time I read this blog.

#8. I sent this e-mail to several of my friends (and my sister) this afternoon:
So, last night at around 7:45, I was walking through my apartment building, having entered down by Noodles and Company, when I saw a very large man in a suit, carrying a small suitcase, entering an apartment right down the hall from me.

His suitcase had the word "Nationals" embroidered on it, and his bag had a tag with "#21" on it.

I looked at him again, and indeed, it was Dmitri Young. Who, moments later, was officially announced as a 2007 All-Star.

Conclusion: My apartment building is awesome.

My sister's response was excellent -- and predictable: "It would be better if it were Javy Lopez!"

Bonus: I hate tagging people, and I wasn't even sure I could come up with eight. Sure, I would like it if folks like Justin, Evil Spock, Scarlet, Beakerz, Honeykbee, Joe, Poofygoo, and Mad played along, but they don't really have to do it. After all, it's just a game.


Beakerz said...

A. thank you for the tag. I'll get right on it.

B. View of Dupont tagged me so long ago and I totally forgot so if she reads this, I'm sorry

C. Your building DOES rock!

D. Do you like U2 or am I just reading too much into it?

dara said...

Thank you for playing along, and yes indeedy, I do like U2. A little obsessively, I'm afraid.

Miss Scarlet said...

Of course I Will do it!!!!

honeykbee said...

Grey hair and bloat aside, I too look pretty much the same as in HS. At least the same hair and same taste in music, I'm afraid.

Thanks for the tagaroony, I'll get right on it (and by that I mean at work tomorrow when I should be doing work).

Richard said...

1) I don’t believe people who claim to have no regrets. They are lying, which by itself gives them something to regret.

2) When the subject turns to money I usually change it.

3) My personality becomes very unpredictable when someone is telling me what to do.

4) I smoke yet I find second-hand smoke disgusting.

5) I think most psychological suffering is the result of dragging the past with you or contemplating the time in front of you.

6) I can’t fall asleep if I’m naked.

7) I don’t believe in luck. It’s merely fortune acknowledged in retrospect.

8) I wish I had more control over my temper.

9) I’ve had one blackout experience due to alcohol. The last thing I remember is riding along the strip in Chicago with some guy in a red Mercedes convertible. I woke up in my hotel room on Saturday morning in North Beach. There was $20 on the nightstand and an unopened box of pizza in the bathtub.

10) I don’t like gambling. Not even quarters. But when I think I’m right I’ll put money on it.

9) I’ve disliked every policeman I’ve ever encountered.


Richard said...

9) I'm not good with numbers.

8) I've been criticized for following directions poorly.

dara said...

Scarlet: Thanks. I secretly like it when people play along.

honeykbee: My hair is better than in high school, when it's not in a ponytail. And my musical taste and fashion sense have both evolved somewhat. But people that haven't seen me in years always recognize me and then comment that I haven't aged.

Richard: Thanks for stopping by and playing along, rules be damned!

mad said...

OK, I'll give it a shot, but I'll have to think on it some, seeing as how doing memes in haiku ain't all that easy.

dara said...

Everything's better in haiku.