Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Things to think about

I'm too distracted by the whole housing situation to write anything of significance. So, in the meantime, read an interesting New York Observer article on law firm economics by David Lat (from Above the Law).

This is my favorite paragraph:
It’s a noteworthy shift for the legal profession, whose denizens like to think of themselves as intellectual types—and view their Wall Street cousins as money-obsessed philistines. Many angst-filled attorneys suspect they should have gone into something more tweedy and creative than relocating commas within merger agreements. As Clarence Darrow said, “Inside every lawyer is the wreck of a poet.”



e.b. said...

and this is why I come here - great read.

dara said...

I'm glad someone else likes to read the same stuff I do.

I really like that Darrow quote, and at least in my case, it's quite true -- "the wreck of a poet", indeed. Nowadays, though, I think that it's only half accurate -- the other half are wannabe i-bankers with too much aversion to risk.