Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Two more reasons not to wear flip-flops or crocs to work

Shoes have an interesting history. Too bad it's deteriorated to this:

Style gurus warn that flip-flops, which are worn mainly by younger women, could be harmful to a career.

"Shoes convey the mood of a woman. Wearing flip-flops conveys the mood that you are relaxed and on vacation. That's not a good message in the office," said Meghan Cleary, a style commentator who wrote the book "The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You."

All that, and they get caught in the metro escalator.


Evil Spock said...

Crocs suck. They are so ugly.

My sister got a pair of jellies stuck in the escalator when she was like 6. Scared the crap out of her.

dara said...

Excellent analogy: Crocs:Jellies as 2006:1986. Discuss.

Ryane said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. If I saw the METRO escalators reach and rightly destroy and decimate a pair of Crocs--I am sure I would be laughing. I mean seriously--let's face it. Those hideous shoes have no business in polite society. They are GARden shoes!! Down with Crocs!!!

dara said...

I think they're kind of cute on very small children, especially when they're brightly colored. But other than that, they're just ugly.

I think the problem is that cute shoes are almost never comfortable, and vice-versa. Someone ought to do something about it.

honeykbee said...

I was going to leave a comment confessing my horrible joy upon reading those articles but it seems I've been long since beaten to the punch.

I can't wait for this flip flop thing to be over. DOWN WITH MAN TOE!