Thursday, September 06, 2007

Nihil declarandum

I have developed a horrible habit of bookmarking things that I want to blog about, and then completely forgetting about them when something else catches my eye.

So, since I have nothing of importance to say today, here's my overly-organized version of a linkdump. It is, admittedly, ginormous. Feel free to read any or all -- or none -- of these things, and comment accordingly.

Fun with latin.
The overuse of exclamation points.
Compendium of lost words.
Rules of language, via the Columbia Journalism Review.
How to speak Yiddish.

On The Road is 50 years old.
The greatest fictional travelers.
Children's Book: Why Mommy Is A Democrat.

Social Studies:
The most interesting scam. Ever.
Even lottery winners get the blues.
Sad story of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake.
Congressional Food Stamp Challenge.
Fat Like Mommy.
Why we love dogs.
The Maiden Name Debate.

Music Appreciation:
Rock stars die young.
The A.V. Club's Guide to Festival Survival.
The A.V. Club's review of Lollapalooza '07.
Top 10 karaoke songs to avoid.
Name that Boy Band & Name that Hair Band Quizzes.
100 Worst Cover Songs.
The Archive of Misheard Lyrics.

Mass Media:
Median age of TV shows (and related graphic).
My So-Called Life finally on DVD.
Top Cult Shows.
TV Guilty Pleasures.
Donnie Darko, explained.
50 best high school movies.
20 Best/Worst Celebrity Blogs.
List of celebrity Scientologists.
Top 10 secret celebrity Scientologists.

Home Ec:
Guide to sweet tea.
What your drink says about you.
What your drink really says about you.

Arts & Crafts:
Subversive cross-stitch.
How to knit Space Invaders socks.

Have fun. This might take a while.


Miss Scarlet said...

Awesome links. I own MSCL!

dara said...

I ordered the MSCL DVDs, and am looking forward to October, when I can overdose on Jordan Catalano.

Bo, Shae and Brinson said...

Damn you Dara - I have to work today and you give all these cool links (sans the Mommy Democrat book, haha).

Really like that Cracked website - which leads me to wondering who is more delusional - Penecostals or Scientologists?

Now, I just need to find a charge code for reading random links on a blogpost. Good stuff today.

dara said...

Bo, no one said you had to read them all today. With my frequency of posting, they should be up on the front page for at least two weeks. Pace yourself.

mad said...

Funny links. Will we ever read your take on any of them?

dara said...

My official position is "Res ipsa loquitur." Most of these are just fun reads and I have nothing to add. Well, except to the article about rock stars dying young. My official response to that is "No shit, Sherlock."

But if you have a question about my take on anything specific, let me know and I'll oblige.

honeykbee said...

Tchotchkes are of better quality than chozzerai? Awesome! Who knew!!