Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ozzy Osbourne would be proud.

I may travel a lot for work, but I've never done this:

The Rocky Mountain News reports that Scott D. Clark, an auditor with the Denver office of the Health and Human Services Department's inspector general office, is facing a felony animal cruelty charge related to an incident at an Embassy Suites hotel in St. Paul, Minn., where he had traveled for work.

According to witnesses, Scott cornered a duck near an atrium pond at the hotel and ripped its head off. Announcing, "I'm hungry. I'm gonna eat it," Clark got on an elevator with the headless bird and took it up to the fifth floor.

On top of that, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports, local law enforcement officials said in an official complaint filed against Clark that after police arrived on the scene, Clark said "that he worked for the federal government and when this was over he would have the officers' jobs."

When told that he was in trouble for killing the duck, Clark told officers, "Why, because I killed it out of season? Big deal, it's just a [expletive] duck."

Then again, I'm not an auditor. Guy's gotta find something interesting to do, right?

Update: At least the duck guy doesn't go around biting three-year-olds.

A laboratory technician has been fired after the parents of a 3-year-old boy claimed she bit his shoulder while drawing blood from his arm, a hospital spokesman said.

Faith Buntin took her son Victor to St. Vincent Hospital on Friday for a blood test because of recent recalls of toys involving lead. She said she saw the worker put her mouth on Victor's shoulder.

"I looked at her like that was the craziest thing that I'd ever seen," Faith Buntin told television station WRTV. "She looked at me and smiled and said, 'Oh, it was just a play bite. He's not hurt.'"

After they returned home, the boy's mother said, she saw teeth marks on his left shoulder, and her husband drove the child back to the hospital, where he was prescribed antibiotics.

"Taking a bite out of him like he's an apple, this is heinous," said James Buntin, the boy's father.

St. Vincent fired the technician after the incident was reported and is "reviewing the capabilities" of the employees of the subcontractor that does blood work for the hospital, spokesman Johnny Smith said.


Chaim said...

The duck guy sounds like he has a serious problem.

As for the other case, it sounds like it may not be a very big deal. The technician sounds like she was just goofing around with the kid (albeit inappropriately), and the parents could have just been over-reacting. I'm especially prone to believe this since they *were* taking their kid for blood tests because they head a news report about lead in toys. I've worked with kids before, and I've seen how parents can get sometimes, particularly if it's their first or only one. (I have no idea if this kid is an only child, but I am going to guess that he is.)

dara said...

I dunno. Even if the parents are complete wackadoos, biting someone else's kid -- even in jest -- is probably not such a good idea in today's (litigious) day and age. Plus it left marks. I think the lab tech stepped over the line, and the hospital was right to fire him or her.

As for the duck guy, there's only one way that the scenario makes any sort of sense: Alcohol. It's like when Kiefer Sutherland attacked the Christmas Tree. Still, knocking down a tree and killing a duck with your bare hands are totally different random acts of violence.

CBK said...

What. The. Fuck!

Crasy ass people!

DSL said...

Deeply disturbed individuals.

dara said...

CBK & DSL: Yes, yes, and yes.