Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dear Pat Robertson

Dear Pat Robertson,

Once upon a time, while I would disagree vehemently with everything you stand for, I would have to grudgingly acknowledge your brilliance in managing to unite evangelical Christians for political purposes, i.e. electing Republicans, and turning it into a largely influential political movement. Hey, Mike Huckabee won Iowa today, and he's one of your guys, right?

But word on the street is that you're back to your old shenanigans, making random predictions and thinly-veiled threats of chaos and violence.

On the plus side, at least you're not trying to predict the weather or terrorist attacks, sans computer models or highly-classified intel. And guessing that there's going to be a recession and the stock market is going to crash when there's a "downturn" in the market isn't really putting yourself that far out on a limb.

Still, a word of advice: Evidence has shown that people who claim to hear the word of God are either (1)lying, (2) crazy, or (3) high. Sometimes they're a combination of more than one.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is keep quiet.



Paige Jennifer said...

While I'm not going to go and praise my people, what with the Rabbi in NJ who had his wife killed or my Rabbi cheating on his wife with a married congregant he was counseling (let's just say nary a person left for the Yom Kippur sermon that year). Nonetheless, another interesting phenom about that superduper Christian set that Pat Robertson so gleefully speaks on behalf of is the propensity to chastise the gay community while carrying on gay trysts (cough, Ted-Haggert, cough-cough, Senator Toe-Tappin' Craig, cough-cough-cough, some of those dudes running the Catholic Church). What? I'm just pointing out the obvious...

Justin S. said...

Robertson endorsed Giuliani, so you can't give him credit for Huckabee. Unless he thought his endorsement would hurt Giuliani and that's why he did it.

dara said...

PJ: Yep, it's hypocrisy at its finest.

Justin: Maybe it's because I have a certain level of knowledge about a certain Coalition that many others don't have, but I'm of the opinion that Pat Robertson created Huckabee. He may not be supporting him in this election, but he's at a minimum, indirectly responsible for a great deal of Huckabee's political career.

mad said...

Is that dude still alive? I thought he croaked some time ago.

joan gelfand said...

Weekends are a wonderful time to write! What if you looked at it this way: I'm doing my sacred work now. In those quiet spaces you can most certainly access something interesting. Try it!