Thursday, January 17, 2008

Trial, day 3

The bed in the hotel is comfy. Me, not so much -- but at least I'm keeping down some food -- mostly soup and some mashed potatoes for dinner. Which is good, since my brother has decided to come to town late tomorrow night, and he probably couldn't handle it if I'm all barfy and grumpy.

Of course, the fact that I'm not still throwing up is all thanks to the magical cure-all that is red Gatorade. Or, as I emailed my coworker this morning, "The Gatorade has indeed aided this former Gator." It's a wonder drug.

As for the trial, it's going sloooooooowly. Which, on the one hand is good. On the other hand, I'd like to leave Newark sometime soon. Because it totally sucks here. And, as comfy as the hotel bed is, I'd rather be sleeping in my own.


Justin S. said...

You've convinced me. Next time I get sick, I'm drinking Badgerade.

dara said...

At Florida State, they would only sell Powerade -- which at first, I thought was an anti-UF thing, but then I realized was a coke vs. pepsi thing.

Still, whatever the brand, those sort of sports drinks tend to fix an upset stomach very quickly.