Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Trial, day 10

Today, we started putting on our case, and the first witness was my witness. Now I have no more witnesses until we get to the plaintiff's rebuttal case.

Tomorrow, the judge has an emergency criminal matter to take up in the morning, so we don't have to be in Court until the afternoon.

With no witnesses and a late start, I am looking forward to finally getting a good night's sleep.


Evil Spock said...

You need to segue each blog article with that Law and Order segue music.

Oh, and you should ride to court on a segway

Ryane said...

Dara, I've been reading about your case and I gotta say, I do sorta imagine you cross-examining a la Jack McCoy!! =-)

If real law isn't that exciting, don't tell me. I gotta have my fantasies...haha. LOL.

dara said...

Evil Spock: It would be hard to ride to the courthouse on a Segway while pulling my wheelie cart with the files behind me. I'd probably wind up in the hospital.

Ryane: I'm glad someone is reading. I was beginning to think that I was boring everyone out in the electronic universe.

Cross-examination is the most fun (and exciting) part of being a litigator. Yesterday, my opposing counsel was so excited about doing it that he just about jumped out of his suit. Too bad all that energy didn't help the substance of his case.