Sunday, January 13, 2008

Planning in advance

Come hell or high water -- or in this case, car or no car -- I leave for New Jersey sometime before noon tomorrow, for what looks to be at least three weeks of trial. Which means three weeks in Newark, New Jersey. (If it goes any longer than that, I'll come back for the weekend. And actually, I may come back for the weekends anyway. Depends on how I feel. But I digress.)

While packing, along with trying to figure out how many pairs of shoes to bring, I spent some time trying to figure out what I would need for two weekends stuck in a hotel in Newark -- understanding that the best thing about Newark is that it's a fifteen minute train ride into the middle of Manhattan. (The second best thing is that I have a significant amount of family in the vicinity.)

It's good to have a plan, and the New York Times gave me an idea: A library-themed weekend. Every time I've ever gone past the Library Hotel, I've thought about it: A vacation of books, books, and more books. Sounds like it's totally up my alley. So, that's what I'll do. Maybe. Or maybe I'll just do work, and go to the gym, and read, and watch t.v., same as I do when I'm at home -- only with none of my friends around.

But that's the weekend. There's a ton of work to get through between now and then. First things first.


Paige Jennifer said...

In elementary school, if I didn't do my homework or something else my mother deemed very important, I got grounded. The most common punishment was loosing television privileges. To be honest, it didn't bother me. But threatening to send me to Newark, NJ for three weeks? Yeah, that would've worked.

Good luck with the trial!

mad said...

Look on the bright side: At least it's not Cleveland. Break a leg, or whatever lawyers say.

dara said...

PJ: I got grounded a lot too. At least while my mother was paying attention.

Newark sucks. But at least it's close to other stuff, like Manhattan and family. And I'll probably be too busy to notice.

Plus there's no sales tax on clothes in NJ and plenty of malls. So if I ever get really really bored, I know what to do.

Oh, and three weeks is just what we're scheduled for. I think it's going to be five weeks.

Mad: I don't really know whether lawyers have a "break-a-leg" equivalent -- but one of my co-workers had this nugget: "Good is good, but done is better."

tingb said...

A library weekend sounds lovely!

Always pack all the shoes you want to bring even if it seems mathematically implausible that you'd wear all of them. You need them. This I believe.

Good luck with the trial!