Sunday, January 06, 2008

The madness to my method

I don't know why I don't really write on Fridays or Saturdays or even Sundays (until it's dark outside) or on most federal holidays. It makes no sense when you think about it. I mean, I purportedly have extra time on the weekends, what with the days off and everything.

Well, then again, it's not like I don't work on weekends. (At least right now, until my trial is over.)

But whatever, the point still stands. On a typical busy weekday, I should have less time to spend lost in my own thoughts, typing away at the computer. The weekend should present more of a leisure opportunity -- not to mention more stories to tell, more clarity, and more time for reflection. Like now, for instance. It's not hard to type away while the laundry is drying.

I hope it doesn't mean that subconsciously, I feel like writing is an adjunct of my job, and therefore, something I can only do on school nights.


The Ex said...

I do that too. It makes no sense - if you think about it blogging should really only be done on the weekends when time is abundant.

mad said...

Leisure is leisure and writing is not leisure. I hate to think on weekends.

tingb said...

Maybe it correlates with hours spent staring at a computer screen? I definitely do that more Monday-Friday than I do on the weekend.

dara said...

ex: It is completely backwards.

Mad: For me, writing is not work either. It's supposed to be enjoyable.

tingb: Maybe. Or maybe it's because my mind is more "on" on weeknights.