Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trial, day 11

Actually, it was a half-day of trial. The rest of the day -- including right now -- was spent doing "prep." Which means that, as I type, I'm printing out a whole bunch of deposition designations.

But the weekend starts tomorrow, and I'd rather think about something else. So here's a list of things I like about staying in a hotel -- or more particularly, this hotel.

  • Never having to make my bed or clean the bathroom;
  • Room service, particularly grilled cheese and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches;
  • The cookies they have at the front desk, particularly the M&M cookies;
  • The Dunkin' Donuts downstairs; and
  • The 42" widescreen flat pannel tv.

Still, it'll be nice to go home tomorrow.


mad said...

42-inch TV? In a hotel room? No way!

dara said...

Mad: The TV was awesome. Maybe I'll take a picture of it when I go back at the end of the month. Although, taking a picture of a hotel tv is kind of weird, isn't it?