Thursday, June 08, 2006

Et tu, NYT?

Last week, everyone was up in arms about the Washington Post's article on the wingman.

This week, the New York Times takes on an equally controversial issue: Whether it's okay to date your friend's ex.

It must be a really slow news month.


Joe said...

It's called the STYLE section, people.

You know, like, where recipes, fashion, TV shows, comics and Sudoku reside?

Why the hell are people expecting "hard news" in that section?

mad said...

You actually read a newspaper? Bless you!

Dara said...

Joe: I understand that, and I actually thought both articles were amusing -- if not, I wouldn't have mentioned them. But it is a little weird to see feature articles giving dating advice. I generally think it should be left to the experts, i.e. Carolyn Hax.

Mad: Despite the fact that my dad worked for a very large east coast newspaper company for many years, I have become an online reader. Undoubtedly, that's what is driving down his stock value.

But it's not like the papers really care about my $.25 per day. It's all about the advertising. And, quite frankly, I rarely even notice it -- except for that gross ad about toenail fungus.

mad said...

Ah, but they do care about your $0.25 because the more people who shell out the quarters (50 cents where I live) the more they can charge for gross toe nail fungus ads. Kill a tree, buy a newspaper!

Dara said...

Isn't that also why they now make you register to use the newspaper sites?