Friday, June 02, 2006

Loose ends

Earlier this week, I asked you to guess the connection between Brad and Angelina and Gavin and Gwen. The main connection is that I had posters of both Brad and Gavin in my college dorm.

More importantly, they are within 4 degrees of each other, in a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of way. Here goes:

Gavin was in Constantine with Rachel Weisz who was in Runaway Jury with John Cusack and Dustin Hoffman. John Cusack was in Pushing Tin with Angelina, and Dustin Hoffman was in Sleepers with Brad.

And in related news, Rachel Weisz had her baby yesterday. It must be something in the Hollywood water.

Finally, check out Fametracker for the Brangelina Baby Naming Formula.

Have a good weekend!

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