Friday, November 10, 2006

Ask Dara Anything! Round 3

It's a quiet holiday Friday around here. So, to amuse myself, I thought I'd sponsor another round of "Ask Dara Anything!"

It's exactly what it sounds like. The rules are simple: Just post your question in the comments section, and I'll answer it.


Dara said...

I can't believe that there's not a single thing that y'all want to ask me.

I'll go. "Dara, what do you want for your birthday."

World peace. And the complete third season of the O.C. on DVD.

DSL said...

Where can I get my hair cut for the $40 range? I mean a good place, not just any place.

Dara said...

$40? Hmmm. That's tough. Most places are either $60 and up, or the el-cheapo $15 Supercuts variety.

The Jouvence Aveda near me starts at $55, and that's where I go. But, trust me, it's never just $55.

My friend once recommended the Bubbles in Pentagon City mall. It's about $30. But -- be warned -- they had a particular stylist in mind, and I can't find her business card.

Once I went to a place on Clarendon Blvd. and 10th St. called Angel's. I'm not sure of their pricing, but they did a pretty good job. And that's actually the place I used the first time I got highlights done.

DSL said...

Have you read any Thomas Wolfe?

Dara said...

Not yet. But Look Homeward, Angel is something that I will read at some point -- even thought it's not on my list.

DSL said...

That's what I'm currently reading.

Dara said...

Is it your copy or borrowed? ('Cause if it's yours, I might ask to borrow it when you're through.)

Miss Scarlet said...

If you had to live in a fictional TV town, which would it be? I'd totally be rocking out in Stars Hollow;)

Also, Have you seen Gone With The Wind?

Dara said...

1. Hmmm, that's hard. There was a time when I would have voted for Sunnydale, from Buffy, but, in retrospect, it seems a little too dangerous.

For current shows, it would be a toss-up between Stars Hollow (quirky), Neptune (interesting with all the mysteries), the O.C. (Best. Clothing. Ever.), and the Seattle of Grey's Anatomy ('cause if Meredith didn't want Finn and he's still available . . .).

I think Neptune would win. Besides, with all of the rich people there, I'm sure a tax lawyer would find some good work.

Anywhere but Smallville, because weird things happen to those people.

2. Yes. Like 100 times. I wore out my first videotape of it. And then I just donated my second video of it to charity when I upgraded to the collector's edition DVD over the summer.

Justin S. said...

I think the worst place to live would be the Los Angeles of "24." Seriously, that city is always about to be destroyed by terrorists.

Also, Twin Peaks... You don't want to be stuck in a David Lynch story.

As far as where I would want to live, Springfield from The Simpsons would have to be right up there. Maybe South Park too. And, back when the show was on, I really wanted to live in Cicely, Alaska from Northern Exposure.

RJ said...

I don't watch "24", but it seems like Las Vegas, Miami, and New York are pretty dangerous. But at least they have well-trained crime-scene investigation crews that have unlimited resources to devote to any case, so your murder would definitely be solved and the defendent put in jail based on totally solid evidence that doesn't require any eyewitness testimony.

Does it bother you that guys can have their hair cut for $13 while you're struggling to find a place that'll do it for under $60? I had no idea women's hair cuts had gotten that expensive... you're getting screwed!

Dara said...

Justin: I don't think there's a question there.

I specifically limited my answer to Scarlet's question to fictional places. If I had to live anywhere, it would be London or New York.

RJ: It does bother me that women's haircuts cost more than men's. But it's probably made up for by the fact that men's shoes cost more than women's.

DSL said...

Dara: But men only buy two pairs of shoes (black and white), plus sneakers.

Star's Hollow is quaint and idealic, but I imagine it would get boring pretty fast.

Dara said...

Debby: That's why I'd choose Neptune, not Stars Hollow. But I'd definitely want to take a vacation to Stars Hollow, and stay at the Dragonfly.

I don't think men buy white shoes that are not sneakers. I think you're thinking of black and brown. But most guys really have more shoes than that. They occasionally have Birkenstocks. And snow boots.

But yeah, most women have way more shoes -- too many to really make up for the price differential.

DSL said...

Oh, of course I meant black and brown. I started to write that and then thought of sneakers.

Neptune is...?

Dara said...

Neptune is the town in Veronica Mars. It's a California beach town, somewhere that is clearly south of L.A., and probably a little north of San Diego.

It's got a beach. And surfers. And a college. And weird architecture with a lot of stained glass. And an awesome Karaoke bar. And a nice coffee house.

I could go on.

DSL said...

I see. Hmmm...I'll keep my options open. I'm not a beach bum. But you gotta love the weather.