Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fleeting thoughts

  1. A 'Feel Good' Production posted this link to lessons learned from '80's cartoons, and I think it's pretty rad.

  2. I would think it would be pretty difficult to use a baby as a baseball bat, what with the crying and squirming and everything. Apparently, I'd be wrong.

  3. No matter how hard I try, I just don't get Lost. This does not mean I don't like it; on the contrary, I love the fact that I spend the entire week after the episode trying to figure it out.

    Thankfully, I'm not the only one.


CBK said...

I loved last night's Lost! I can't believe I've never seen that Easter Egg site. I was into The Lost Experience over the summer, but I never heard of that site. Thanks for giving me even more material for slacking off at work. ;-)

Dara said...

I don't know if I like Lost because I haven't figured it out yet or in spite of that fact. I go between blind worship and frustration. When they do give us something -- like the latest hatch and the eyepatch guy -- I'm frustrated again.

And, for the record, my favorite episode of the season this far was the Desmond one.

Needtsza said...

totally forgot about lost til I read this. lol. guess Heroes has my heart-type-thing.

Thanks for the shout-out =)

Dara said...

Despite it's weak start, I like Heroes, too.

DSL said...

I like both for different reasons. Heroes is more exciting but LOST gives me plenty to think about, which I love too. For some reason, I'm not frustrated by it all. Just enjoying the ride.

CBK said...

I liked the Desmond ep, too, but it seemed more of a fun distraction from the central mysteries. This week's, while answering little, at least is moving back towards the main plot.

honeykbee said...

Lost is a frustrating enigma wrapped in a mystery tortilla. What's not to like?

Love the 80's cartoon lessons!!