Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yet another reason not to go to Montgomery County

You can't get good wine.

From The Post:
Buying unusual wines for a distinctive wine list can take months, Montgomery restaurateurs say. Some labels remain beyond their reach because some wineries and distributors refuse to deal with the county. Botched orders can take weeks to correct, they say, and once-weekly shipments can leave them apologizing to unhappy customers when a certain vintage runs out. Because of an extra county markup on special orders, diners often find wine lists in Montgomery more expensive.


The distribution system also bears some blame, restaurateurs say, for a relative shortage of upscale dining in Montgomery. Some chefs say they passed up mouth-watering demographics -- almost 1 million people, many with deep pockets -- because they found it too hard and expensive to keep the kind of impressive wine cellar that fine-dining customers expect.


Justin S. said...

Are you trying to stop Debby and I from leaving Virginia? Unless you can do something about our commutes, I think it's a lost cause.

Dara said...

I personally don't want to live there. But maybe I'll visit.

In all seriousness, the traffic on Rockville Pike is enough to discourage anyone from living in MoCo. And, yeah, the restaurants there aren't great. So, considering you'll still be working in the city, you might as well go out to eat there.

DSL said...

I was gonna say, who goes out to eat in Mo Co anyway?

Um Justin, that's "Debby and me." Sorry, I had to do it.

Dara said...

DSL: People who like chain restaurants.

And thanks for being the grammar police. You should really hang out with my mom.

Justin S. said...

Debby, you edit all good and stuff.

DSL said...

So...either your mom's an editor or she has poor grammar? I think I got this habit from my dad who used to always correct us when we were little (me versus I was a big one).

Dara said...

My mom has perfect grammar, just with a New York accent, and spends a great deal of time correcting people.

Me vs. I is one of her pet peeves, too. Maybe she should hang out with your dad.