Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I. Am. So. Embarrassed.

Dara, Dara, Dara -- what were you thinking? Just because it's a balmy 80 degrees outside doesn't mean you -- of all people -- should wear a skirt. Or go outdoors.

But, no, you chose to disregard conventional wisdom by both wearing a skirt AND going outdoors. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Did I forget to mention that it was breezy?

So, perhaps you should have paid attention -- remembering that you were, indeed, wearing a skirt -- and tried to hold it down. Otherwise, everyone standing nearby might have gotten a brief glimpse of your underwear.


e.b. said...

At least you were wearing underwear

Dara said...

Funny, that's what my mom said, too.

mad said...

Britney should heed your example. About the underwear, I mean.

Dara said...

Britney would never have worn that skirt. It goes all the way down to the top of my calf.