Monday, March 12, 2007

Thoughts on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, courtesy of Patti Smith

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony was tonight -- with R.E.M. and Van Halen getting inducted. Two of my favorites.

Still, to me, the most interesting story is Patti Smith, and her op-ed piece in the New York Times:

On the eve of this event I asked myself many questions. Should an artist working within the revolutionary landscape of rock accept laurels from an institution? Should laurels be offered? Am I a worthy recipient?

I have wrestled with these questions and my conscience leads me back to Fred and those like him — the maverick souls who may never be afforded such honors. Thus in his name I will accept with gratitude. Fred Sonic Smith was of the people, and I am none but him: one who has loved rock ’n’ roll and crawled from the ranks to the stage, to salute history and plant seeds for the erratic magic landscape of the new guard.

Because its members will be the guardians of our cultural voice. The Internet is their CBGB. Their territory is global. They will dictate how they want to create and disseminate their work. They will, in time, make breathless changes in our political process. They have the technology to unite and create a new party, to be vigilant in their choice of candidates, unfettered by corporate pressure. Their potential power to form and reform is unprecedented.

Human history abounds with idealistic movements that rise, then fall in disarray. The children of light. The journey to the East. The summer of love. The season of grunge. But just as we seem to repeat our follies, we also abide.

Rock ’n’ roll drew me from my mother’s hand and led me to experience. In the end it was my neighbors who put everything in perspective. An approving nod from the old Italian woman who sells me pasta. A high five from the postman. An embrace from the notary and his wife. And a shout from the sanitation man driving down my street: “Hey, Patti, Hall of Fame. One for us.”

I just smiled, and I noticed I was proud. One for the neighborhood. My parents. My band. One for Fred. And anybody else who wants to come along.

Patti Smith is a poet and performer.

Ain't it strange, indeed.


mad said...

It never really occurred to me why the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show is held in NY instead of where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame really is. Then I went to Cleveland last week and I suddenly knew.

Dara said...

I've never really been to Cleveland. I have, however, driven from Cleveland to Erie, Pennsylvania, when my connecting flight was cancelled due to weather. So, in theory, I can concur.