Friday, March 23, 2007

Like Seven, only without all the annoying Gwyneth

Did you read the story where some guy sent this girl her dog's severed head in a box, allegedly because he harbored romantic feelings for her.

Wow. That's really, really mean. Horrible, even.

I'm sure she'll be scarred for life.

But mostly, what it is is stupid. I mean, if you like a girl, don't kill her dog. It may not be rule number one, but it's probably somewhere near the top of the list.

But . . .

. . . does anyone else think it's peculiar that, at 17, she's saying that her new puppy will "be my best friend."

So, did this guy kill the dog because he viewed it as a rival for her attention? Or did he think that by killing the dog, she would be devastated, and he could provide her with a shoulder to cry on?

Sheesh. He should have just bought her flowers, or candy. Maybe taken her to a movie. But killing her pet? Seems like a pretty bad move if he wanted to get lucky.


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honeykbee said...

That story is seriously, seriously disturbing. I've got a great idea for that dude's punishment:

Dara said...

You're going to make him listen to Justin Timberlake?