Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patrick's Day napping

I've been really tired all weekend. I was so excited for yesterday, with all the St. Patrick's Day festivities and basketball, yet I could barely drag my ass out of bed. Even though I got up at noon and went to the gym, once I got home and got showered and dressed, I was tired and wound up taking a two-hour nap with basketball on the tv.

After that, I had a short-ish telephone conversation with my mom, and a long-ish telephone conversation with my sister, where I expressed my very peculiar tiredness that was not relieved by all the sleep. My mom, in her infinite wisdom, said I shouldn't go out, since clearly my body is telling me that I need sleep.

My sister, in her different kind of wisdom, said she's always tired and goes out anyway. Of course, I laughed and told her to take advantage of her twenties for the next 9 months!

Since it was (a) a Saturday and (b) a partying holiday, I did wind up going out -- wearing my "Kiss Me I'm Irish" t-shirt -- but it was only with friends to an overcrowded Irish pub. Once there, I didn't really do anything interesting. In the spirit of the holiday, I did, however, drink two Guinnesses and one shot of Jamieson.

I got home around midnight, and yes, I am aware that is pathetic.

Anyway, the point of this was not to regale you with tales of my (very boring) life, but to point out the synchronicity between this and yesterday's horoscope. You see, ever since the time change, My Yahoo! has been stuck in a time-warp, where it features the last day's horoscope instead of the current day's. So, imagine my surprise when I logged in today to find:

Feeling tired? It's no wonder -- the pace (and the hours) you've been keeping lately are not conducive to staying alert and awake throughout the day. If you can't seem to get revved up to start your day, then sleep in a little bit longer. If you can't sleep in a bit longer, then promise yourself that you'll make time for a nice nap this weekend. They say you can't really catch up on sleep, but you need to get some more sleep in order to get back to feeling normal.

That would have been eerily prescient, had I read it yesterday.


DSL said...

I've been really tired all week too and I know others have. Maybe it's the time change. Maybe it's just been a really busy week. Maybe it's both.

Dara said...

Are you saying I shouldn't believe my horoscope?

Seriously, though -- I know what you're saying about the time change and being busy all week. I'm sure it made things worse. But it's weird to be so much more noticeably tired than usual, and then to have it show up in your horoscope.

DSL said...

I used to read my horoscope religiously. I guess it's a little addictive. I finally pulled myself away. Yes, I think it's full of crap but I still glance at it now and then. Guess it's human nature.

Dara said...

I have no choice but to read mine; it shows up when I go to check my email. I just think it's funny.