Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday night at the movies

I just finished watching Hollywoodland. It was pretty good. Not quite as good as The Departed, but then again, I always did like Matt Damon more than Ben Affleck.

More importantly, I somehow have 474 movies in my Netflix queue. I don't think I'll ever watch them all.


Justin S. said...

Our Venn Diagram diverges even more. I thought Hollywoodland was rather lame (although I do agree with you on The Departed, and Damon vs. Affleck).

Dara said...

I thought it was good from a film studies perspective. The sets, the costumes, the accents, the differing camera and lighting styles for the celebrities vs. non-celebrities. It was a real study in technique. Plus, the performances were really good, especially Diane Lane and the aforementioned Mr. Affleck.

As for the story, it was the weakest part. I think I would have liked it if there was less emphasis on Adrien Brody's backstory, and more on George Reeves.

mad said...

Holy moly, 474 movies? That's a lot of movie watching!

Dara said...

Even though it'll be 473 tomorrow -- when they send me my next movie -- I don't think I'll ever finish.

Justin S. said...

You will never finish... by the time you do, you'll have another 473 movies on the list.

And I disagree even further... Affleck was boring in the movie and Brody's backstory was the best part.

Dara said...

There's always something new to see, especially since I actually go to the movies so rarely. The last thing I saw in the theater was The Queen, with you and the missus.

I think Brody's character putting together the clues was interesting. And some of the stuff with his kid/ex was interesting too. I think they took it too far, when they should have been concentrating on the actual investigating.