Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Even Pennsylvanians Hate George Allen

I would think that the Philadelphia Jewish Voice would be directing its vitriol at their own Senator Rick Santorum, but no, they've apparently got it in for Senator Macaca himself, George Allen. The article catalogues a number of non-macaca examples of Allen's "'Good Ol' Boy' intolerance" -- and, perhaps more significantly, cites sources.

The facts show that in the not-too-distant-past, Allen compared his opponents to Hitler and accused them of supporting Iraq in the first Gulf War. He also made fun of welfare recipients, supported Pat Robertson, white supremacist organizations, and mandatory bible study in public schools -- all the while displaying a noose in his office and a Confederate flag in his campaign ads.

Not to mention that he was allegedly mean to his sister and committed vandalism in his adolescence.

Oy vey.

Of course, the article also notes the run-of-the-mill right wing stuff like opposing homosexuality and abortion rights. But hey, if you weren't already bothered by that, the rest of the stuff probably doesn't matter that much to you anyway.

I really want to say something positive about Jim Webb now, but right now, I think he's doing just fine running on an "I'm not George Allen" platform. But can he win? Polls are saying it's close -- significantly more so than it was before Macacagate -- which is not saying much.


Emery said...

It is amazing to see the venomous intolerant hatred spew from a liberal's mouth.

Dara said...

Ordinarily, I'd ignore this kind of plea for attention masquerading as a comment -- but your point is so ambiguous. Are you're saying that my post is venomous intolerant hatred, or that George Allen is liberal? Because while the former is patently untrue -- at least in this post -- the latter is clearly just assinine.

Although, really, if George Allen was too liberal for your taste, what the heck are you doing reading my blog? Wouldn't the John Birch Society's web page be more your speed?

Anonymous said...

Emery, why don't you go take that noose in Sen. Allen's old office and hang yourself with it.

Felix Macaca got spanked on Meet the Press.

Dara said...

Wow, Ted. I didn't know you cared enough to defend my honor.

If it weren't for site meter, I'd have to think it was really an anonymous commenter.

Emery said...

To Mr. anonymous who calls me by name, declair yourself. Why hide. Just like a liberal, when you can not debate intelligently just through out the race card. Here I will help you with some more talking points: Chaney, Halliburton, WMD's, Bush lied people died...........you disgrazia

Emery said...

throw not through.........see what you Libs do to me

Dara said...

Emery: I don't mean to get all English teacher on your ass, but in addition to "throw," instad of "through, it's "declare," not "declair." Your "Why hide" is missing a question mark at the end, and there should probably be a comma after "Here." Moreover, unless you're speaking Italian, "disgrazia" is not a word.

Most importantly, even intolerant liberals like us know that the Vice-President spells his last name "Cheney."

Emery said...

Now back to you Dara. Listen to yourself......nothing but personal attacks on the man. Talk issues Dara. The issues Dara. This is why you guys keep losing elections.

Dara said...

Hey, wait a minute there, Emery! My post is nothing more than a comment on the story in the Philadelphia Jewish Voice, albeit with a goofy title. If you want to call that a personal attack, fine. But the subtance of the attack isn't mine -- it's the Philadelphia Jewish Voice doing the attacking.

If they -- or any other media outlet -- were actually reporting on the substantive issues, then I'd have something to say. But no one is talking about anything of importance, because the personal stuff sells more papers.

And to a large extent, that's what I meant by my comment that Webb's platform is that he's not George Allen. (Although his ads have a little "Ronald Reagan liked me" mixed in for good measure.)

Maybe you should have read what I actually wrote before categorizing it as "venomous intolerant hatred."

Anonymous said...

Dara, Emery is obviously a 14-year old oppressed white male....you poor thing you. Let me guess, your parents have only agreed to pay your first two years of college. IT'S TIME FOR A CONSERVATIVE REVOLUTION.

It's obviously liberal hatred to note that an incumbent Senator uses racial slurs, displays the conferate flag and a piece of rope used to murder black people.

OK genious, you want to talk about the issues, fine. If you can name me three specific things the Bush Administration is doing right, I'll grant you some of my precious time to systematically embarrass you.

Dara said...

Ted, sign in already, damn it!

And, for the record, it's "genius." I meant to make fun of that when you sent the Wesley Willis e-mail last week.

Justin S. said...

Emery, there is plenty to debate about intelligently and if you watched Meet the Press, you'd see that Webb can do it and Allen can't. And quite frankly, when a sitting Senator like Allen is as consistently intolerant as he is, that's a major issue.

Webb won't win on Macaca alone, but he's got the edge on the issues too.

If Dara's post is a personal attack, so be it, but it's not an inappropriate one.

An inappropriate personal attack would be to call Emery a douchebag.

So I won't do it.

Bo W. said...

Maybe it is a good thing I will not be registered to vote in Virginia this year. I do not think I could ever vote for a Democrat at the US Senate level (for Senate leadership reasons), but I do not think I could vote for Allen either. He was very critical of Trent Lott and called for his resignation on the Strom Thurmond issue. W/o debating the Trent Lott issue (of which I have firm opinions - heck, he was in my fraternity at Ole Miss!), to me that shows how hypocritical Allen is.

Also, to respond to Dara's friend Ted or Anonymous, as a twice voter of Bush I can't think of three things. Sad, huh? Really only think of two things I like, though you all would disagree with me on one. First, several things regarding taxes. Second, I like Roberts and Alito (I am now dodging tomaotes, haha). I guess third intially Afghanistan, but he has screwed that up as well!

Dara said...

Bo: Aren't you a little worried that you're starting to sound like one of us? The line separating one side of the middle-of-the-road from the other is quite blurry sometimes.

When I went to see Jon Stewart this past weekend, he remarked that the problem with politics is that it's the fringes on both sides that are running things -- because the majority of people are too busy with their lives to freak out about everything. Actually, he was funnier about it, saying something to the effect that "You don't see people protesting with signs that say 'Be Reasonable!'"

And, like I've always said, I'm for lower taxes if the budget is balanced, and I didn't disagree with the war in Afghanistan. (Actually, I thought the Taliban should have been put out of power years ago, when they first started legislating that women wear burqas and destroying ancient Buddhist works of art. . . .)

As for the judges . . . well, time will tell. But I still wish Bush replaced O'Connor with a woman.

Bo W. said...

Agree on the balanced budget. At least if you are going to tax me, pave my roads, guards my borders (does not mean attack outside the borders) and don't let people mess with me or my shit.

I always thought there should be a third party, the "common sense" party . . . but like the Simpsons episode with Kang or Kodos, who would vote for it?