Friday, August 04, 2006

Things to read today

  • Did you catch the story yesterday about the starved 9-year-old girl found locked up and wearing a diaper? Weird story as it is, but it just gets weirder at the end:
    LaFountain was originally described by police as Samoraj's live-in boyfriend, but the gender classification at the jail was changed from male to female following a routine strip search, Pinellas sheriff's spokesman Mac McMullen said.


Angst On The Outskirts said...

Damn! Why can't it be the Newark DELAWARE Bears!

The Bowie Baysox could host the "Susan Smith Child Swimming Lessons" night.

Jason said...

Harford's critique of Game Theory is dead-on. Because of its "simplistic" models and reliance upon Rational Choice, it is difficult to apply the theory to whack-o fundamentalists...I think I just bored myself to sleep.

Dara said...

Angst: I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry out in mock horror! It's like the Mel Gibson religious tolerance night.

Jason: Not bored here. I liked the part of the article about adjusting the model to the "tat for tit" strategy -- first you pound them, and then you play nice when you aren't winning. Sounds to me a little bit like what Hezbollah and Hamas do -- especially to get sympathy in the media. But, alas, I think the eternal vengance thing is more likely true.

Feel free to get all nerdy here. This is a safe place. (It would have to be.)

Justin S. said...

I actually love "More Than A Feeling." "Cold as Ice" and "Rebel Yell" are ok. I recognize "I Will Survive" as a decently written song, but I'm not a disco kind of guy. "I'm Not in Love" and "Rock and Roll: Part 2" are legitimately lame. I don't know the other songs.

Bo W. said...

I think the Post stole my previous blog comment regarding evangelicals Christians and Jewish Americans. Where's my royalty?

I also saw a church having a "stand with Israel" rally out here in Loudoun County somewhere tomorrow. What a tangled web we weave . . .

I could go on, but I will keep it civil :)